Mission Statement

'Our Mission at St. Malachy's is to provide an enriching, high quality education, where we learn, love and grow with Christ at the center, so that each individual feels nurtured and can achieve their full potential'


St. Malachy's school aim to provide a quality education based on Gospel values which promote the dignity and freedom of every person within our community, ensuring equal opportunities for all. The school is committed to achieving high standards so that pupils can attain their full potential.  Attention will be paid to all aspects of a child’s development.

Our Aims

  • To enable each child to reach his or her potential through a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum to which they have equal access.

  • To provide children with a safe and secure environment where they experience enjoyment and achievement and learn how to take care of themselves, both now and in the future.

  • To enable each child to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the will to use them.

  • To enable children to develop qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination.

  • To enable children to appreciate human achievement.

  • To enable children to acquire understanding of the social, economic and political order and a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.

  • To prepare children for their adult lives at home, at work, at leisure and as consumers and citizens.

  • To help the child develop a sense of self respect, the capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults and the ability to function as contributing members of co-operative groups.

  • To provide the children with a learning environment of high quality which is stimulating and challenging, and where children and parents feel valued and secure.

  • To develop effective relationships between pupils, staff and the wider community.

  • To create a school which sees itself not only as a place of learning, but also as a place of employment, and that equality of opportunity is important for staff as well as pupils.