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School Closure from January 2021

7 January 2021 (by Lois Kozlowski (Admin2))

January 2021 - Lockdown

Whilst national guidance sets out clear guidelines of who may be eligible for a place in school during the current lockdown, each school needs to conduct a rigorous risk assessment to ensure safe working in school during the pandemic. Therefore it is not possible to offer places to all children who may fall under the current guidelines.
Whilst we appreciate this is extremely frustrating for families, we must limit our numbers to ensure the transition rate of the virus within our area begins to fall, or we will remain in this full lockdown for much longer.

We are currently offering places to:

- Single Parents who are key workers or,
- Both Parents who are key workers

If you feel you fall in to one of the categories above, please contact school, evidence of key worker status, will be required. This could be in the form of your employment ID badge or alternatively, please email school (admin@st-malachys.calderdale.sch.uk) with your employer name, address and contact number/email, so that we can confirm this.

Thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times.