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Our mission at St Malachy's is to provide an enriching, high quality education, where we learn, love and grow with Christ at the centre, so that each individual feels nurtured and can achieve their full potential.

Multi-faith Week




Multi-faith Week 2018

During Multi-faith week, our pupils were given the opportunity to visit a place of worship for another faith. Most of our pupils visited a local Mosque or Gurdwara. These opportunities allowed pupils to understand similarities and differences between faiths.


Throughout this week, our pupils have enjoyed learning so much more about other faiths. They had some great things to say about their experiences:


'It was nice to learn about other people and visit their place of worship' - Pupil, Year 4

'I liked visiting the Mosque' - Pupil, Year 1

'I liked learning about Arabic and creating artwork based on the Qu'ran' - Pupil, Year 4

'It was interesting to see that other faiths have Holy Books which they treat with great care, like we do with the Bible. I know that other faiths have similar values to me.'

- Pupil, Year 6

Multi-faith Dinner Menu

Our lunchtime and kitchen staff supported Multi-faith week by creating a special menu which gave children the opportunity to sample food from other regions and cultures.