St Malachy's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Our mission at St Malachy's is to provide an enriching, high quality education, where we learn, love and grow with Christ at the centre, so that each individual feels nurtured and can achieve their full potential.

Songs of Praise Visit 2017

Thursday, 16th March 2017

 What an amazing experience for school! Song's of Praise visited us to film their Palm Sunday Feature.  They chose our school as they had heard about the many amazing activities that the children were involved in. Thursday began with the whole school standing out in the playground in the shape of a cross.  Then throughout the day, each class took part in various activities.  Our Lenten celebration culminated with the whole school balloon release. To the balloons, each child attached their personal Lenten prayer. Following this, coffee and cake was served to our community, whilst we joyously sang our ‘Songs of Praise.’ Songs of Praise were interested to know how Lent has changed in schools compared to the experience of many adults looking back at their experiences. In the past, Lent concentrated upon fasting and what we give up, whilst this is still true, Lent is a time for personal prayer and reflection.

Lent leads to the greatest celebration of our faith. Jesus’ resurrection is for everyone and a time to celebrate change, new life and new beginnings. During filming, the BBC were especially interested in our Faith and how the school approaches modern-day challenges for our children. Faith is allowed to flourish at St Malachy’s and God allows us to challenge ourselves to educate, to learn, to help others before ourselves, to have fun and to make memorable experiences that the children will remember long into
their future.  
Everyone can focus upon the problems that all cities experience today and too little focus is given to what is truly important. We are surrounded in Yorkshire by beautiful scenery with valleys, hills and moors that many in other parts of the world could only dream of. We do not have to look far to see the work of God. Concentrating upon problems of today, prevents our achievement of remarkable goals. God has given us a choice, we can spend time thinking about how awful the problems of today are or, as

everyone at St Malachy’s Catholic Primary believes, we can work for a better tomorrow. There is no better way of making a better tomorrow than by nurturing and supporting our children.
Every member of the Songs of Praise team gave their whole-hearted thanks, as many people worked diligently with a very tight deadline.

We have been blessed to have had such a beautiful reminder of what a truly unique and special school St Malachy’s is.

Our activities for Lent

Various Classes – Baking & Decorating – 40 Buns for Lent
Nursery – Lenten Gardens & PJ Day
Reception – Model Making & Chicks
Class 1 – Creating Bookmarks
Class 2- Craft Crosses & Mad Hair Day
Class 3 – Pebble Painting & Palm Crosses & Silly Face
/Masks Day
Class 4 – Footprint Rainbow & Soup Making
Class 5 – 40 Lenten Squares to make a Lenten Cloth – German Song
Class 6 – Cross Stitched Crosses, Acrostic Art & PJ & Slipper Day