St Malachy's Catholic Primary School, A Voluntary Academy

Our mission at St Malachy's is to provide an enriching, high quality education, where we learn, love and grow with Christ at the centre, so that each individual feels nurtured and can achieve their full potential.

Academy councillors

Academy Councillors (previously known as Governors) are volunteers who help to run the school - together they’re called the 'Academy Council'. They’re involved in decisions about all aspects of managing the school – such as running buildings and budgets, supporting staff and setting standards of school discipline.

Councillors also help to make big decisions about the school’s long-term goals. They support the headteacher, but also ask questions and make sure the headteacher is taking the school in the right direction.

Academy Council Document

Should you need to contact the Academy Council please email:

Meet our Academy Councillors 


Mr J Fisher

Diocese of Leeds Foundation 

Chair of Councillors




Resources Health & Safety Year 4 Yes No

Mrs T Booth

Diocese of Leeds Foundation Councillor




Standards & Mission Safeguarding & Pupil Premium,  N/A Yes No N/A

Mr R Constantine

Diocese of Leeds Vice Chair Foundation Councillor




Resources, Standards & Mission RE, Collective Worship & Catholic Life of the school, Children Looked After Year 6 Yes No N/A

Mrs Lomas

Executive Headteacher


Resources, Standards & Mission

Mgr Michael McQuinn

Foundation Councillor




Standards & Mission Committee


Yes No

Foundation Governor, All Saints Catholic College, Huddersfield




Academy Concillor Register of Interests 2020-2021

Interested in becoming a Foundation Councillor

Governing bodies are a corporate body and amongst its members the team needs to have a range of skills  – such as experience of governance in other sectors, strategic planning, staff recruitment, data analysis, performance management, community relations, problem solving, financial management, premises management, procurement, and many others. Clearly, no one person will bring all of that to the table, but if you feel you have something to offer and are able to make a commitment, please do consider putting yourself forward to be a Foundation Councillor at our Catholic school

What is a Foundation Councillor?

There are a series of unique specifications that make a Catholic school Catholic. One of those is the right of the local Bishop to appoint Foundation Councillors for his schools and for them to always be in a majority.                                                                             These Foundation Councillors play a crucial role in preserving the Catholic ethos and Character of the school by representing the Bishop on the governing body. Their responsibilities also include, holding the head teacher to account, setting the school budget, looking after the school’s admissions policy and managing the recruitment of senior members of staff.

Why become a Foundation Councillorr?

If you have children at a Catholic School, you’ll know that it’s the school’s strong ethos that’s the key to its success. Maintaining this ethos is the responsibility of the whole school but for foundation Councillors it is their primary purpose.   Many people become Foundation Governors for different reasons. Some do it to give back to their local community while others find it to be a practical way to live out their faith.

What are the requirements and time commitments?

To be a Foundation Councillor you must be over the age of 18 and must be a practising Catholic. You must not be related to any member of staff or another governor at the school.There’s not a specific ‘person specification’ when it comes to the other skills you need, suffice to say all governing bodies need a wide range of people sitting on them.                                                                                                                                               In terms of time commitments, you are looking at 10-12 hours a month - this includes times spent in meetings. Councillors are expected to attend at least one full governance meeting per term and join at least one subcommittee.

Where can I go for more information?

Please email the Clerk to Academy Council - Liz Hinchliffe, if you feel this is a role for you please email: 


 Foundation Governor Recruitment Booklet


We currently have vacancies for Parent Governors. 

If you would like further information, please contact the school office.